2019 Oklahoma State Fair
Online Entries for Livestock Divisions

For your information and ease in entry, we suggest that you review the detailed instructions available on the Livestock Competitions section and download a competition guide for all divisions you intend to enter from the Oklahoma State Fair website:

Please Note:

  • 4-H and FFA Non-Livestock entries processed by Schools/Clubs will be entered here.
  • All exhibitors will be considered "NEW" for 2019.  
  • Online Entry Deadline:  8/15/2019 11:59 p.m.  Payment should be processed with entries via MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit cards.  If you must submit payment via a manual check or money order, entire payment for all applicable fees must be received at the OSF office no later than 8/22/2019. Any payments received thereafter will subject your entries to additional late fees, determined by the date of actual receipt.   

WARNING:  This system may be off-line from 7:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. CST for daily scheduled maintenance.  Please save your cart and exit the system prior to 7:45 a.m. or risk losing any unsaved entries.

Troubleshooting Tips –

  • If you close your browser window, or click 'Sign in/Sign off' before saving your cart or checking out, all of your entries will be lost and if you are a new exhibitor, you will have to recreate your account.
  • To prevent data loss, click ‘Save Cart’ often.
  • You may 'Check Out' as often as you'd like, but you may not edit entries after you have checked out.

Quick Start Guide:  
Login –

  • Click 'Sign In' in the upper right hand corner.
  • In the 'Choose a type' box, select 'Exhibitor'.
  • Enter your first name and last name and select 'I am a new exhibitor' the first time you log in (or) 'I am already registered' if you have created and saved login information for 2018.
  • Enter and review your Exhibitor Information, and then click 'Continue'.   

Create Entries --

  • Select a Department (or leave ‘All Departments’ selected).
  • Select a Division.
  • Select the 'Class' if available.
  • Complete other fields as necessary.
  • Click 'Add Entry to Cart'. (DO NOT USE THE + (or) – TABS.) 
    HINT: To add another entry in the same division, click 'Add similar Entry'. To add an entry in another division, click 'Add different Entry'
  • When you are finished, click 'Continue'.
  • Add any additional items as needed and click 'Continue'. Reminder:  One (1) Processing Fee is required per Exhibitor (ownership entity). This fee will automatically be applied to each exhibitor entry account. 
  • Review your cart and edit as needed.
  • To complete the check-out process, click 'Check-Out'.  PAY NOW: Payment should be processed with online entries.  Any payments not processed simultaneously with your online entries MUST be received in entirety at the OSF Administration office no later than 8/22/2019.  Payments received thereafter will subject your entries to additional late fees. 
  • Provide payment information as requested.
  • Type 'yes' as prompted for “Signature” and click 'Submit'.
  • Print detailed receipt for your records.  Send a copy of this receipt with any additional payments or documents, which may include but not necessarily be limited to completed Waivers, W-9’s, membership cards and/or animal registration papers. 

If you have any questions or problems with the online entry process, please contact us by email or call:

Marc Pankow, mpankow@okstatefair.com, 405-948-6735
Founda Dutton, AgClerk@okstatefair.com, 405-948-6707